Does your child have difficulty with reading,writing and/or math?

Do you feel they need specialist help?

Lorna Wooldridge has a Bachelor of Education degree from Bath College of Higher Education in England, and holds a Certificate of Professional Practice: Teaching Children with Reading and Writing Difficulties/Dyslexia from Roehampton Institute in London.

She has worked as a special needs teacher in the UK and as homeschool educator and tutor in the US. She is also the Garden State Green High School Teacher Award winner for 2011. Lorna has a unique perspective on this condition as she is actually dyslexic herself.

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What makes Lorna's teaching style so unique?
How does Lorna help students with focus issues and other learning difficulties?
How does Lorna stay current with the many changes in this field?
Lorna firmly believes learning should be fun!
What ages and subject areas does Lorna teach? When are her 1-1 classes available, and how much do they cost?
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